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What is?

Fick is a fluid diffusion software simulator (for both liquids and gases): it uses the A. Flick diffusion laws to drive the evolution of a cellular automaton. It is receive in input information of a plain surface and produce a diffusive substance animation.

What do Fick do?

Width fick is possible producing a diffusion simulation of molecular.

Which libraries necessity?

Fick to be in need of getopt, Simple DirectMedia Layer devel (SDL-devel), and SDL_image. If your system don't have the libreries SDL.h and SDL_image.h, you can download it in http://www.libsdl.org, compiling it and installing it on your system.
Fick and getopt are licensed with the GNU General Public License. SDL and SDL_image are licensed with the GNU Library General Public License.

News and ChangedLog

  • 2006-06-29:
    * Changed version 1.1
    * Toggle whether the cursor is shown on the screen
  • 2006-05-04:
    * fixed one bug in 3d view, it's introduced in 1.0 version
    * Add a new option (-c)
    * Upgrade configure.in
  • 2006-04-20:
    * Changed version to 1.0
    * Substitute the Gauss method with Gauss-Seidel iterativ method
    * fixed a Segmentation Fault in full screen output
  • 2006-03-21:
    * Open this web page
  • 2006-02-04:
    * Changed version to 0.3
    * fixed a bug in 3d.c code
    * fixed two bugs in fick.c code
    * add a new option (--multicolor)


Sorce1.1 tar.bz2 325 KB fick-1.1.tar.bz2 a5b249107111554f7782f0b39b21ff27
Sorce1.1 tar.gz 358 KB fick-1.1.tar.gz 134e2204ae75a4e86e8ec7855051e25f
Sorce1.0 tar.bz2 185 KB fick-1.0.tar.bz2 74d4fa411b38043b4f6247b3e2669499
Sorce1.0 tar.gz 215 KB fick-1.0.tar.gz 14058497e3930eb53c9865923c93ba76
Sorce0.3 tar.bz2 185 KB fick-0.3.tar.bz2 4df4e7e3eaabe8f9ad017c2cceea1112
Sorce0.3 tar.gz 215 KB fick-0.3.tar.gz 090cc58588875812c61bcefc3ca3b785

Installation from source code

If your system have installed the getopt, SDL-devel and SDL_image libreries, you can begin the installation procedure.
The simplest way to compile this package is:
  1. `cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `./configure' to configure the package for your system. Running `configure' takes awhile. While running, it prints some messages telling which features it is checking for.
  2. Type `make' to compile the package.
  3. Type `make install' to install the programs and any data files and documentation.
  4. You can remove the program binaries and object files from the source code directory by typing `make clean'. To also remove the files that `configure' created (so you can compile the package for a different kind of computer), type `make distclean'.
For more details see the INSTALL file.


Additional information on the simulator can be found on how-to (in italian).
One accurate description of fick use is in the manual page, it is see (after you are installed the program) whith the command 'man fick' or on-line.


Fick was written by Danilo Abbasciano.
The author would like to thank Pietro Cenciarelli for his extensive help, fick would not have happened without he.

If you have support questions or if you have definitely found a bug, send a mail to danilo.abbasciano@gmail.com.


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